Cast On: 2020 Advent Socks #3

Now that the Down Cellar Studio’s Pigskin Party KAL is here and going full force I am casting on ALL THE THINGS to earn all the points I can. First up is a pair of socks to live in my purse!

This the LAST of my 2020 BFL advent minis from agirlandherwool. I had already made socks here and here with the rest. These will be my “recipe” of 68 stitch toe up vanilla socks with gusset heels. I obviously haven’t made it that far but that will come in time. I will earn yardage points AND sponsor points for this dyer. I am really trying to use my stash to my advantage and wrack up the points this year.

Happy Knitting!!

4 thoughts on “Cast On: 2020 Advent Socks #3

  1. Always great to use up stash. I saw a video by Curious Handmade about making your own Advent calendar from stash and perhaps exchanging with someone. I like your term about socks living in your purse.

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