Cast On: Super Simple Summer Sweater

After finishing my Catbells Cardigan last week, I felt compelled to cast on another sweater. This time I’m doing to the Super Simple Summer Sweater from Joji Locatelli in some Malabrigo Rios.

This yarn was already caked up from my frogged Mycroft sweater so it was easy to get started. I had even left my swatches in with the yarn! Now, Joji’s pattern usually require me to change needles sizes as I’m not as loose of a knitter as she is. Basically I used my swatches to do the math and decide to go up two needle sizes and make XXL size to get the fit I want. I used the pattern schematic to figure out what size and ease would work for me.

So far I have the collar and the first round of increases. This is worsted yarn so I’m hoping my mojo can get this cranked out yet this fall! Happy Knitting!!

4 thoughts on “Cast On: Super Simple Summer Sweater

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  2. I’ve started this but I’m confused working a M on increase round 6, 7, 8 are you working m1l in each stitch???? I didn’t do the math but there are increases and only dashes to indicate how many stitches to knit before the inc. I figured since you started it just this month it might be fresh in your mind. Thank you.

    • That dashes mean that those instructions don’t apply to your size and you can move on to the sleeve divide or whatever the next section is. The bigger sizes need a bigger yoke so therefore need more depth and width.

      • That was the way I originally read it but then over thought it & questioned myself. Thank you.

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