WIP Wednesday: A Plain Rye Sock

I have been woefully neglectfull of my #SockswithSarah KAL. My knitting mojo kind of went out the window during February and March. All I could manage was a few stitches here and there and only every so often.

But over time those stitches add up! At my last update on this sock I was halfway down the leg. Now I’ve turned the heel and I’m working down the foot.



This project is mindless and portable….and right up my alley at the moment. I’m not into committing to a huge WIP right now and I DEFINITELY don’t want to have to think too hard!

What is your go-to mindless knitting project?

9 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: A Plain Rye Sock

  1. Love your sock. I always have an afghan with an easy pattern going. The one that I am working on now is a Jacob’s Ladder pattern. Happy Wednesday

  2. I have a simple feather and fan scarf that occasionally makes an appearance when I need something I don’t have to think about. It’s tiny yarn on tiny needles, so it’ll be a while before it is finished.

  3. Your sock is looking good! I actually like shawls as my mindless knitting: I choose ones with basic lace patterns and they are just enough to keep me entertained!

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