I Found A Knitting Group

I have reached that point of 2020, as great as I get along as an introvert, I needed PEOPLE. And I needed MY people. A few of the knitting podcasts I listen to have been referencing Zoom knit nights that are open to anyone and I finally bit the bullet and showed up to one.

I was nervous because I didn’t know anyone on the call. But I grabbed my Radiate and a glass of wine and showed up anyway. And like most all in the knitting community they were kind and welcoming and it was an amazing night. I mostly just enjoyed seeing other people’s project and listening to the banter. I didn’t feel like I was intruding and they seemed genuinely happy to have new people in the group.

Bonus, I also made good progress on my second Radiate sleeve. I might have a finished thing soon!

Happy Knitting

9 thoughts on “I Found A Knitting Group

  1. There’s a Blogville group that does weekly Skype chats too. I haven’t joined in a while but you might check out Alissa’s blog, headknits. I think she’s the one who sets it up these days!

  2. I go to the Blogville Skype one. It is Sunday’s at 6pm UK time and I think that’s 10am Alaska time. It is open to more people but has mostly been Alissa from Head Knits, Sarah from Mildly Granola, Marilee from Quite a Yarn and me. There’s a Ravelry group with more details and the official US time it’s on. You’d be very welcome.

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