Two Summer Sleeves!

The second sleeve of my Super Simple Summer sweater is complete!

Just like the first sleeve, I decided not to cast off the sleeves. I will try this sweater on to determine the perfect sleeve length. I am back into the rhythm of round and round in the body.

I have the two skeins pictured in the photo, one more unused skein and some tiny balls left from the sleeves. So I will keep knitting until I run out of yarn, keeping in mind I need to have enough yarn for the bottom ribbed split hem.

Happy Knitting!!

4 thoughts on “Two Summer Sleeves!

  1. Very nice yarn and working. I have two sweaters on the needles, both the same sweater one in the round and one flat that’s been languishing for several months. I may frog just because it’s been months. Hoping to find a passion, love and motivation to knit again. Keep up the slow work as it will get done eventually! 😉

    • Is it worth making something tiny for a quick hit of reward & fun? I knitted a tiny christmas stocking in one evening (appreciate you may not celebrate christmas) & one little korknisse they’re cute & fast & fun! I really admire you working continuously on two sweaters; I like to have a big project like that going in the background but also have smaller things like socks or hats on the go for more of an immediate win; keeps me motivated. I hope you find your way back to your knitting and find the joy in it again

  2. Your sweater is looking great, well done on the sleeves! It feels as though you made such good progress so quickly with that! Great to be doing that kind of hem, I’ve never done one of those so would love to hear about your process and how you find it when you do please. Enjoy your knitting!

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