FO Friday: PV Rambouillet

This beautiful skeins is finally dry! I am calling this my PV Rambouillet 2-ply!

I got mostly a sport weight yarn for this skeins. The total weight is 113 grams but I haven’t drug out my yardage counter to run this through. It’s just pure exhaustion right now with work and I can’t be bothered.

But this skein isn’t getting immediately tucked in stash. I have the urge to make a musselburgh hat with it. Not sure if its enough, but I can always finish with another yarn and have that part be folded on the inside.

For now I’m headed out into the sunshine! Happy Friday!!

FO Friday: Pink Merino Sparkly 2-ply

My tiny 85 gram batt of shedding merino and sparkle is finally complete and done leaving a trail of fluff in my house! I have a finished Pink Merino Sparkle 2-ply to show for it!

I ended up with an 84 gram skein that made 88 yards. So I lost very little of the original batt despite the fluffy shedding. This skeins is a little inconsistant. Some parts were worsted at 9 wraps per inch and other sections were closer to 11 wraps per inch which is more DK weight.

Still, I’m happy with the skein. I don’t know what I will make with it as it sheds. But for now it will join the precious handspun stash. Now its time to make Christmas cookies!!! Bring on Christmas break 🙂

Happy Spinning!!