New Potatoes and Peas!!!

Mmmmmm….new potatoes and peas



Every summer right after the first hill of potatoes was dug I can remember Grandma and Grandpa making this delectable dish. It’s so simple and yummy it’s crazy. It’s just boiled potatoes covered in a garlicky white sauce and peas. I just made a quick roux and thickened some milk. I seasoned with garlic powder, salt, and pepper.

These tiny red potatoes came from our family garden. Their skin is so thin and tender. The meat of potato is soft and perfectly mealy. It tasted of home and family to me. Paired with some fried chicken the husband and I had an awesome sit down dinner last night.



It might not be the healthiest….but you gotta live once in awhile right? Does your family have any traditional summer dish?

A Tradition of Craftmanship

My parents have finally finished their wrap around porch. Built board by board by the hands of my father. It’s the perfect place to sit and enjoy the breeze and a cold adult beverage!


My favorite touch is the deer antler name above the bay window. Very fitting for my redneck family!


My father in fact designed and built this house from the ground up. He is a teacher by trade but he teaches Industrial Arts like wood shop, drafting, and AutoCad. It’s the only home I knew growing up.  I am so unbelievably proud of him and the house just feels so much more like home because he crafted it. His work is impeccable.

Over the years we have added a covered second story deck, apple trees in the side yard, and now wrap around porch. I just wish I didn’t live three hours  away! Oh the knitting I could get done on these porches!! My favorite is to sit on the top deck and watch the sun come up with a hot cup of coffee….20130706-160924.jpg

Another recent addition is the terraced steppes in the yard. Trust me this is a much needed improvement! Growing up our yard was incredibly steep as the house is built into a hill. It could be terrifying riding the lawn mower up and down the steep slopes and praying you didn’t fall the down the hill or tip over, lol. The sprinkler system keeps the grass lush and green. I swear it’s like carpet under your feet. And my mom has been tending her roses and they bloomed beautifully this year!


I guess I can say I come by my “craftiness” honestly. I may not build beautiful homes or furniture but I do build garments and blankets stitch by stitch. Speaking of my knitting it’s time to get off my butt and go to my big kid job so I can afford to keep knitting!

Happy Monday to all!!


Scandinavian Rice Pudding and The New Year

One of my favorite holiday dishes is something my family simply calls “rice”. It’s simple rice pudding with four ingredients:
– white rice
– milk
– sugar
– cinnamon
(Raisins if you are so bold, I am not!)

Scandinavian tradition holds that families make this rice on the new year and if the rice is thick the new year will be blessed. If the rice turns thin then gird your loins for a rough year. I didn’t get to spend New Years with my family so I made a batch of rice to make myself feel better.

Step one: steamed white rice in my rice cooker.


Step two: add milk and sugar (I don’t measure, just use my best judgment and taste until its delicious!)


Step three: simmer until thick and wonderful


Step four: serve warm with cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on top and a cup of cold milk for dipping (not pictured)


There are a thousand ways to make this dish, just google it and you’ll see what I mean! And it varies from country to country and family to family. I just wanted to give you a peak into mine. It’s a simple dish and not terribly fancy but on a cold snowy winter day… makes me feel closer to my family and heritage. Plus, my rice was thick and creamy so I’m looking forward to a good year!

I’m off to enjoy the snow! Happy New Year to all!!!!