2020….How Did I Do?

Being an accountant I like spreadsheets and tracking things. And that includes my knitting! I use Ravelry to store my projects and tag them with identifiers but at the end of the day I still keep my Yarn In versus Yarn out spreadsheet in Excel. I have the best of intentions/goal each year to knit down more yarn than I bring in. How did I do in 2020?

  1. I completed 27 projects this year:
    1. five pairs of socks
    2. six blankets
    3. eight accessories
    4. four toys
    5. four sweaters
  2. I brought in:
    1. 92.2 skeins of yarn
    2. 4,269 grams of yarn
    3. 17,871.60 yards of yarn (16,374.50 meters of yarn)
  3. I knit or crocheted up:
    1. 69.18 skeins of yarn
    2. 15,592.50 yards of yarn (14,320.14 meters of yarn)

This means I did not end hitting my goal. I got really close? I ended up with a net in of roughly 2,300 yarns or 2,050 meters of yarn in to my stash. But all in all I created a lot of beautiful items in an otherwise crazy year. And some of that stash “out” was some super old yarn that needed using up.

I am pretty happy with the yarn I chose to bring in this year. I found myself buying more sweater quantities as I am currently drawn to garment knitting more and more. Probably the a contributing factor to the more in than out as well, lol.

Now….let’s see what I can do in 2021! Happy Knitting!!

2020 Mother’s Day Cast On

Every year on Mother’s Day I take some time for myself and cast on a new project with full delight and wild abandon. WIPs be damned….it is incredibly satisfying to have a little treat just for myself and let myself do as the mood strikes. This Mother’s Day kind of snuck up on me given the current state of our world. So I found myself on the eve of Mother’s day with no real plan.

I searched my brain and I remember that I had a skein of KnitCircus Trampoline in the Dream a Little Dream colorway that came already caked up. It’s a gorgeous gradient that felt right for Mother’s Day. I did some pattern searching on Ravelry and came up with the One Perfect Skein Shawl by Fredi Baker.

This pattern is specifically designed to use up the whole skein of yarn and would showcase the gradient nicely. Bonus points were that it was garter stitches and eyelets, which is kind of my jam right now. Though it has a picot edge, not sure how I feel about that but I can always modify that

I can’t wait to see how this purple fade plays out. I didn’t get very far on Mother’s Day as PB asked to take me on a bike ride on the local park trail. I of course said yes as I needed to burn off breakfast in bed feast of pancakes and bacon. This means I neglected to get my customary photo of my babies with my project cast on. Oh well, maybe I’ll wait until it’s finished and get my group photo then.

Happy Knitting!!