New Spinning Toys

With all my spinning mojo, I treated myself to some some toys. I hear on podcasts and see on blogs the hand spinner love Akerworks bobbins. They are 3D printed and pack flat for storage. So I did my research on the Akerworks site.

I picked up two bobbins that fit my Ashford Kiwi 3. I let them pick the designs for the end caps but I picked purple for Jellybean and teal/green for PB. I put the purple one on my wheel and tried a bit of fiber. It’s an understatement to say they spin VERY differently than my wooden bobbins. Definitely going to need some practice with these new toys!

Happy Spinning!!

A Couple Of Bobbins

It turns out I am getting better and faster about going through four ounces of fiber. My 100% romney in Waiting for Daffodils colorway has found its way onto two bobins.

This fiber is a mix of blues, yellows, greens and eve some pinky orange. The singles came out nice and easy. It’s getting easier to get a finer single but I still struggle with pieces that come out thick where the fibers might be a little felted or clumped. I am able to fix some and some just go through as “character”.

I am hoping to have some time this weekend to get these singles plied up. I made a new fiber friend in my work world and I think this skein (if it turns out) will be a gift.

Happy Spinning!!