A Finished Daffodil 2-ply

My very barber poled Daffodil 2-ply is off the wheel and out of its bath. It’s not my normal color story but it came out very lovely.

This yarn is mostly a heavy DK weight with some thicker spots popping up now and then. It came out to 176 yards in a 122 gram skein. It just screams spring flowers with all those colors mixed together. The Romney is not next to skin soft, at least for me. But this would make great yarn for a hat or accessories.

I do plan to gift this yarn to a work fiber friend. Kinda worried I will freak her out as we have only met in the virtual world, lol. But I have come to value our collaboration and I enjoy sending joy to others.

Happy Spinning!!

A Couple Of Bobbins

It turns out I am getting better and faster about going through four ounces of fiber. My 100% romney in Waiting for Daffodils colorway has found its way onto two bobins.

This fiber is a mix of blues, yellows, greens and eve some pinky orange. The singles came out nice and easy. It’s getting easier to get a finer single but I still struggle with pieces that come out thick where the fibers might be a little felted or clumped. I am able to fix some and some just go through as “character”.

I am hoping to have some time this weekend to get these singles plied up. I made a new fiber friend in my work world and I think this skein (if it turns out) will be a gift.

Happy Spinning!!

Ultra Fine Merino

Turns out that my practice at spinning is making me faster and more confident. I had a work colleague over for a patio chat one evening and I managed to get all four ounces onto bobbins.

This fiber is just so super soft. I am glad I don’t plan to wind these off into cakes. They would tangle like beast. Looking at these bobbins, I for sure will get barber-poled finished yarn. For now, I am going to rest these singles and try to get my mo-jo working back in the knitting direction.

Happy Spinning!!

FO Friday: Blue Batt 2-ply

Disaster adverted….mostly. My 2-ply did get completed after about an hour of untangling. I ended up with a couple small balls of singles that I attached to ends coming from my wheel and got those overlapped and plied. I then picked up the ends from the remaining cake and kept the cake between my thighs for control. This worked fairly well and I got the whole thing wrapped up last night.

I gave it a quick wash before work and hung to dry near the dehumidifier in the basement. It was dry enough last night to weigh and measure and skein up. I ended up with yet another worsted that varies between light and heavy worsted. The finished yardage was 72 yards and 62 grams. So just a little mini skein but super cute nonetheless.

And I have learned my lesson, next time I ply from a cake…..I will keep it controlled in my lap and not rolling around the floor!!

Happy Spinning!!

Energetic Corriedale

I have my blue Corriedale off the bobbins and ready for a nice wool bath.

This two ply is really energized as you can see the skeins are twisting back on themselves. I can tell I really put some extra twist into these skeins as I plied. I will lose some of this overtwist/energy when I was them.

And I can confirm that these skeins will be heavy worsted to maybe a light bulky weight yarn. The corriedale is not next to skin soft but I am interested to see if this softens any after washing. Happy Spinning!!

Plying and Coca Cola

Confession, this blog post is brought to you by two snacks and Hotel Translyvania. I had to distract my children in order to get my Corriedale singles plied on Sunday.

I turned a podcast on in my headphone, grabbed an ice cold coca cola and set to plying. I really really enjoy having my Ashford lazy kate. It’s really helping me to keep better tension on my singles and make a more consistent plied yarn.

By looking at my bobbins, I think this will be a heavy worsted finished yarn. This took about two hours and my finished yarn filled two bobbins. I have those resting before I skein them off for their wash and set. It’s set to be a pretty crazy week so I’m not sure when I will carve out that time, but I’m interested to see how these skeins turn out!

Happy Spinning!!

Finished Cashmere

My cashmere skein is completely dry and all measured up! This is my softest and finest spin yet. I am beyond happy with this one.

After finishing I ended up with 223 yards weighing 112 grams. This makes this skein DK in most spots with other sections more of a light worsted. I can tell my plying was tighter on this skein than any of my previous 2-plys. With this having cashmere content I put extra twist in it in order to reduce piling in its future knitted state.

I don’t have any projects in mind yet. I think I’m going to let this one marinate in the handspun stash for a minute. Happy spinning!!

Plying On A Hitchhiker

My targhee singles are sufficiently rested and ready to ply. I decided to be crafty since my Kiwi wheel currently has lamb singles on it and pull out my Hitchhiker wheel. This was my first wheel but I never got the hang of the single treadle. But I’m a little more seasoned now and decided to give it a whirl!

Turns out, a lot easier to use once my brain and body understand the mechanics of spinning! I was able to successfully ply. I did put on the jumbo flyer and jumbo bobbin in order to get all four ounces in one shot.

I ended up with a lovely barber pole yarn. I will let the yarn sit overnight and then give a wash and a thwack. I’m interested to see what kind of twist I created with this wheel since I am less familiar with it. This should be a fun skein!

Happy Spinning!!

Surprised By The Sparkle

My white merino yarn came out of its bath beautifully. I was actually surprised to see a pronounced sparkle! I did not notice ANY sparkle as I was spinning and plying. I am wondering if it was dulled by spinning oil? Nevertheless, it was a welcome surprise!

The dyer called this color “Righteousness” so that is what I named this skein. I ended up with a 113 gram skein measuring about 182 yards. So mostly a heavy worsted to aran weight. I can tell my spinning is getting more refined as I am making a more consistent worsted yarn instead of a bulky weight.

I just need to label this skein up and get it into the special handspun stash! Happy Spinning!!

That Was Quick

I had some merino blend fiber jump on and off my wheel very quickly last week. I had four ounces a merino, bamboo and sparkle blend that I bought from The Shepherds Mill when I took spinning lessons.

I weighed and split the fiber in half so that I could work from two bobbins. This fiber just spun so smooth and quickly. I think the singles rested longer than it took for me to actually spin them. I did my go-to 2-ply and ended up with this skein.

It it is a little overspun and is twisting back on itself. But I think a good bath and a solid thwack should set this just fine. I think this will turn out to be a thick and thin worsted? I’ll do a final weight and measure after its dry.

Happy Spinning!!