Planning All The Things

My new Knitters Planner arrived and I’m switching over from 2022 to 2023. This is my third or fourth year using this planner and I think I have perfected “system”.

First up, I have fully embraced frixion pens and markers so that I can always adjust my stuff. Secondly, all the color coding. It makes me feel more in control than I am. Next up I use the back of this planner to track my projects all year long. It really gives me an idea of how much or little I create.

I use the main body of the planner in weekly planning mode. I try to fill it out every Sunday or first thing Monday so I get a feel for my week. I keep track of some micro goals each week as well. I may or may not refer back to it during the week but the preparation alone feels good.

Do you have an organization strategy?