Jellybean is OBSESSED with Grinches this year. To the point that he dressed as the Grinch for Halloween and PB was Max the dog. Add this to my desire to have rolled sugar cookies at Christmas meant we made frosted Grinch cookies!

The Santa hats were harder than I thought they were going to be…

And we attemped hair and beards. Professional cookie makers…..we are not!

Some cookies are more grinch-y than others. But they are all tasty and wonderfully festive. Now we are ready with cookies for Santa…Bring on Christmas!!

The Most Perfect Secret Santa Ever

I received the most bestest unbeatable secret santa gift ever!!!! Drum roll please………………………….


That’s right ladies and gentleman, it a drum auger/pipe snake. The moment I opened it I knew exactly who my Santa was!

I live a rental house with poor plumbing and I’m always borrowing tools from the maintenance guy at work. He is always helpful, full if great tips, and never makes me feel like a “girl” trying to fix my own problems. And our shower drain problems of late make this auger a perfect Christmas present.

I was touched by the thoughtfulness if his gift and the hilarity of it made laugh until I almost cried. I know very well he went over the money limit too! This gift my dear blog friends has single handedly catapulted me into the holiday spirit. I put a bug in Santa’s ear to put something extra special in his stocking (and it may or may not be some jam from my secret pantry stash)!!

I wish each and every one of you a very Merry and Special Christmas!

T-minus 6 days to Christmas