FO Friday: Present Cowl

I seriously love this cowl! It’s so rich and smooshy ❤️❤️

  Pattern: Present by Mademoiselle C

Yarn: Malabrigo Rios in Solis

Needles: US 8s

I used just a couple yards shy of this entire skein. This knitting was very zen and soothing even with the purl rows. I had trouble putting this one down. In knitting time I finished this in roughly four days! It has me itching to go out and get a sweater quantity and cast on a comfy open cardigan in a rich green or blue….maybe some day…

  Pardon my cheesy selfies, I have to snag toddler free photo however I can. I washed and blocked this just in time to photograph and put this away for spring, lol. No worries though because this will be waiting for me next fall!

Happy Knitting!!

Motorcycle Adorable

I had my first baby shower this past weekend and it was amazing. It was a small gathering for just my family. The party was hosted by my younger cousins who once upon a time were my flower girls in my wedding. Oh how time flies! I just had to share my favorite and cutest gift. This adorable diaper motorcycle was made by a dear family member. How ridiculously sweet is this thing?IMG_0197.JPG IMG_0198.JPG IMG_0199.JPGShe managed to squeeze in a package of diapers, burp rags, pacifiers, socks bottles, baby wash, lotion, and baby bibs. I’m so in love this that I couldn’t bear to take it apart. Right now it sits on top of the nursery dresser for me to admire every time I pass by. Only two more months until Jellybean’s arrival! Time to put nesting into high gear…. Happy Friday!!


To celebrate myself a little, I finally decided to use my Knit Picks gift certificate…..tah dah!


I picked up some of Knit Picks new yarn, Billow! I have been seeing photos of ombré blankets made from this stuff all over Ravelry, the blogosphere, and Pinterest. I have absolutely been itching to try this yarn!

I picked up six different hues in the brown/yellow family. In order from light to dark they are: Natural, Willow, Cornmeal, Turmeric, Mongoose, and Chocolate. This 100% Pima cotton is sooooo soft under my fingers. I know this is going to make an amazing blanket. I bet it would make an amazing sweater as well, oh the possibilities!

Now I just have to decide what pattern to make? I want something that will really show off the ombré color changes.

Option 1: Chevron Baby Blanket by the Purl Bee

(Photo by the Purl Bee)

Option 2: Zig Zag Baby Blanket by

(Photo from Rav page)

Option 3: Kodachrome Baby Blanket by Jocelyn Tunney

(Photo from Jocelyn Tunney Rav page)

Option 4: Simple stockinette blanket with seed stitch border and just let the colors do the work

I can’t decide!! I have already made the patterns from option one and two. While option two was more visually striking, option one was more pleasurable to work. I’m torn between trying something new like option three or recreating something I’ve already done like options one, two, and four.

This yarn is special and deserves the proper pattern. Anyone out there in blogger land use this yarn or have any suggestions for a pattern? I really want to stick with a design that shows off the ombré, help!

FO: Meredith’s Cowl

After many trials and tribulations, I have a FO! And I’m very proud.

Mere’s present is finished. The two skeins of Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton in Berry Jam really fulfilled my wine inspiration. This unique cowl is worked in alternating bands of seed stitch and then YO lace work. It is worked in the round on 16″ circulars US size 8. It was a tight fit on the needles but I made it work. Thanks to my husband for tromping through two feet of snow to take pictures of this for me!!!

_MG_0324_medium2 _MG_0327_medium2

As promised, I am launching this as a free pattern on Ravelry. You can find the pattern here!

And for those readers who don’t use Ravelry, I have posted the pattern below:

Meredith’s Cowl


– Lion Brand Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton – 2 skeins Berry Jam (approx 3.00 oz or 103 yds)

– US size 8 circular needle (16” or longer)

– Stitch marker

– Tapestry needle


CO 150 sts using loop cast on method, careful not to twist. Place marker

1: Join in the round, and Knit to marker. (set up row)

Seed Stitch Section

2: *K1, P1, repeat from * to end

3: *P1, K1, repeat form * to end

4: Work row 2

Lace Section

5: *YO, K2tog, repeat from * to end

6: Knit

7: *K2tog, YO, repeat from * to end

8: Knit

9: *YO, K2tog, repeat from * to end

10: Knit

11: *K2tog, YO, repeat from * to end

Repeat rows 2 through 11 twice more.

Cast off LOOSELY in purl.

Weave in ends.

Resulting cowl is 48” long approximately 6” wide.

Knit and enjoy!


Mere’s Cowl: A Do-Over

Ok…..designing something fromscratch is both fun and aggravating. Mere’s cowl is kicking my knitting butt. I literally have started it three different times….and frogged each version.


Guess the fourth time is the charm? (Aided by a large glass of wine last night….) I’m rocking and rolling now, hopefully have a FO soon!!

The snow hasn’t started, The Blizzard of Oz, part II is headed our way. I hope I can make it to and from work today. Pray or cross your fingers for me. Ill try to update on the snow later today, providing I survive and we have power…..

Happy Knitting!

A Present for Mere

A very dear friend recently asked for a soft lightweight cowl in red. So I pursued Ravelry and just didn’t find anything worthy of Mere. She has gorgeous pale skin with dark cocoa colored hair.

Mere and I share a love of wine, so I pulled two skeins of Lion Brand Natures Choice Organic Cotton in variegated reds and browns. The reds remind me of the different colors of red wine and the browns will pop against her hair.


And away I went! I cast on about 210 sts and I plan on working back and forth between lace sections and stockinette sections. If this design works out I hope to launch this as a free design here on my blog and on Ravelry.


This is my purse/public knitting project, so I hope it will go quickly! I can’t wait to see Mere wearing it. She is gorgeous in anything but I love that she adores my hand knits!

Happy Knitting!

The Most Perfect Secret Santa Ever

I received the most bestest unbeatable secret santa gift ever!!!! Drum roll please………………………….


That’s right ladies and gentleman, it a drum auger/pipe snake. The moment I opened it I knew exactly who my Santa was!

I live a rental house with poor plumbing and I’m always borrowing tools from the maintenance guy at work. He is always helpful, full if great tips, and never makes me feel like a “girl” trying to fix my own problems. And our shower drain problems of late make this auger a perfect Christmas present.

I was touched by the thoughtfulness if his gift and the hilarity of it made laugh until I almost cried. I know very well he went over the money limit too! This gift my dear blog friends has single handedly catapulted me into the holiday spirit. I put a bug in Santa’s ear to put something extra special in his stocking (and it may or may not be some jam from my secret pantry stash)!!

I wish each and every one of you a very Merry and Special Christmas!

T-minus 6 days to Christmas

Happy Birthday To Me!

I finally snapped shots of my birthday presents/purchases! (Albeit with my iPhone and in not the best light, but I couldn’t wait to share my treasures!)

First up, some Berroco Vintage Chunky in a lovely hue of blue!


This is ear marked for an Endless Circle Vest by Julie Farmer. Knit for me and only me!

Next I picked up some Berroco Vintage in a different shade blue and a great heather green!


These are probably destined for sets of fingerless gloves and hats for yours truly or my sister who lives in blustery Colorado.

And last but not least, Berroco Vintage DK in a yummy fall orange color!


Not sure what to make with this yarn, I just love the feel of it and the color is amazing. I am a horribly bad stasher!

You might notice that I purchased all Berroco? I knit my first sweater out of the Vintage DK and loved how it worked up, so I want to test out other yarn weights to see if I love them as much!

All in all it was a delightful 3-day birthday weekend with lots of yummy food and yarny goodness! Now back to the real world and my big kid job!

Happy Knitting!!