Non Knitting Crafting

I recently took a vacation day form work and sent the family to their respective schools, daycare, and work so that I could have a project day.

I did “adult” and run a few errands to pick up some birthday presents, get fixings for the Easter Bunny and did the normal bank, pharmacy, grocery store stops. BUT, when I got home I did some non-knitting crafting.

I caught up the notes in both kids baby books and added the missing photos. I am pretty sure I was 6 months behind on PB’s book and over a year behind on Jellybean’s. I’m not sure if either kid will every appreciate having a book. But I will be glad when I’m old and grey to flip back through and remember all the sweet and not so sweet moments.

I also took some time with the photos on my phone to get them sorted. I backed them up to my Shutterfly account and caught up the pages I’m missing for my electronic scrapbook pages. I use Project Life ap on my phone to make pages and just print 8×8 pages to keep in books. I’m easily 5 months behind on those. I grabbed a notebook and made a to-do list of the pages I was missing to help it feel less daunting.

At the end of the day I did not accomplish everything I wanted to do. But I made a sizeable dent and it feels good not to be drowning in so many “to-dos” that always seem to make the bottom of the priority list.

Happy Crafting!!