Non Knitting Crafting

I recently took a vacation day form work and sent the family to their respective schools, daycare, and work so that I could have a project day.

I did “adult” and run a few errands to pick up some birthday presents, get fixings for the Easter Bunny and did the normal bank, pharmacy, grocery store stops. BUT, when I got home I did some non-knitting crafting.

I caught up the notes in both kids baby books and added the missing photos. I am pretty sure I was 6 months behind on PB’s book and over a year behind on Jellybean’s. I’m not sure if either kid will every appreciate having a book. But I will be glad when I’m old and grey to flip back through and remember all the sweet and not so sweet moments.

I also took some time with the photos on my phone to get them sorted. I backed them up to my Shutterfly account and caught up the pages I’m missing for my electronic scrapbook pages. I use Project Life ap on my phone to make pages and just print 8×8 pages to keep in books. I’m easily 5 months behind on those. I grabbed a notebook and made a to-do list of the pages I was missing to help it feel less daunting.

At the end of the day I did not accomplish everything I wanted to do. But I made a sizeable dent and it feels good not to be drowning in so many “to-dos” that always seem to make the bottom of the priority list.

Happy Crafting!!

Knitting with Jellybean

Every once in awhile Jellybean shows some fleeting interest in my knitting. Mostly he wants to know if the project is for him or if he can play with it. I have been very firm but gentle in talking about that we don’t touch other people’s knitting. Jellybean is very keen to turn my ball winder as well which I let him help me do from time to time. He also very much enjoys unwinding small balls of yarn. He calls this process “his knitting” I always have little bits and bobs laying around so I decided to make him his own knitting.


I pulled out a project bag with knitting skulls on it and he was delighted. I then included some heavy fingering and sport weight little balls of yarn. He was DELIGHTED to have his own bag and his own yarn.  I can’t tell you how many times I rewound his “knitting” for him but I’m pretty sure we played for a solid 40 minutes.


I just love that he enjoys spending time with me doing crafty things!

Happy Knitting!!

Warning: Non-Knitting Project!!!

I have discovered the joys of chalkboard paint. And I have the urge to paint it on everything!!!

I am working on turning this…


Into this….


I’m experimenting to see if these could become viable crafts for a nifty addition to my table at upcoming craft fairs!

So far so good….the chalk works and the paint doesn’t wash off.

Has anyone else every tried this?