Casu Cowl Rebooted

I managed to rip back my Casu Cowl blunder and start again with the correct pattern. 

I completed the set up and two pattern repeats. The patter is pretty straight forward and should be easy to memorize. The problem is that this yarn doesn’t sing to me. Therefore the project as a whole doesn’t get my mojo going. I don’t hate it….but given other options I always pick something else. I have a car trip coming up and the short back and forth rows should be good car knitting. I may just pack this project and only this project to get it off the needles.

This is definitely a case where I want the FO but I’m struggling with the actually knitting if it, lol.

Happy Knitting!

To Alpaca or Not To Alpaca….

I was lured by the softness of alpaca yarn during my 2015 Central KS Yarn hop stop at Alpacas of Wildcat Hollow.

I love the softness but the drape the yarn has sort of limits its use for me. And I only had one skein of worsted weight in a pink/green colorway. I did some Ravelry perusing through my queue and a quick pattern search and I found theย Casu Cowl by Galia Lael. A lovely worsted weight grafted cowl.

When I caked up this skein of yarn I found a lot of veg matter as that something accompanies small batch milled yarn such as this. I also found the yarn to be very loosely plied and quite a bit thinner than worsted weight in my opinion. In a fit of productivity I had this yarn paired with printed pattern and needles in a project bag ready to go a few weeks back.

I cast on according to the instruction and knit one pattern repeat. But it was looking nothing like the pattern page…and then it hit me. I had put the wrong printed instructions in this project bag and was in fact knitting an entirely different project…the The Darn Kinetic Cowl. Insert forehead smack here….

In a way I’m a little glad I found this mistake because I hated the yarn/pattern combo with the Kinetic cowl. So now I need to rip this out, print the correct instructions, and start knitting again.

Le sigh….


I recently stumbled upon an alpaca fiber farm near me!! They are just down the road from my favorite winery, Prairie Fire Winery in Paxico Kansas. I present to you, Alpacas of Wildcat Hollow!

Look at the gorgeous fiber they offer:

Image of AWH 100% Alpaca Yarns

Image of Prime Alpaca Fiber by the ounce

Image of Alpaca Batts

I really need to visit this farm and pick up some of this gorgeousness!! It’s very affordable and I love supporting local businesses. They even have an online store for anyone far away ๐Ÿ™‚

A girl can never have enough alpaca in her stash!