Variations on Sophiatication

I recently have made a couple of Baby Sophisticate sweaters (here and here). The first was a gift for an old friend and new mom to be. While at the shower, another mother picked up my knitted creation. While not a knitter she gave me some “motherly” insights. She suggested a slightly longer body and bigger sleeves. Her reasoning was that babies grow longer faster than they grow wider (most of the time, lol). And that the baby will most likely have a shirt on underneath this jacket and the sleeves could use extra room to accommodate the fabric layers.

So, I tucked these bits into my knitter brain and went home. I pulled some Lion Brand Natures’s Choice Organic Cotton in Khaki from stash and grabbed my needles this past week. I cast on the smaller 0-3 month size.


I knit the body according to the directions for the smaller size, with the change of working towards a total length of 7 inches instead of the prescribed 6. When I got to the sleeves I picked up the required 25 stitches and added three increases evenly across the first row for good measure. And I worked the sleeves for an extra 1/2 to 3/4 inches in length to match the body.


This is my Stashbustin’ #32 project and it’s all done except for the buttons! I used 189.5 yards of yarn (just under two skeins of cotton) or 156 grams of yarn. This sweater is now headed for a bath and blocking.

I love when I get real world feedback on my knits. I just hope that most of the time it’s positive!!

Happy Knitting!!!