Bonus Tomatoes and Happy Habaneros

The hubs and I have been completely ignoring the garden assuming it was done for the summer. And we happened to poke around the foliage and found some surprise tomatoes!

We did know our pepper plants were doing well. We are still harvesting occasional poblanos, lots of jalapenos and some super hot habaneros.

I really really love all the different shades of color we are getting. I think I’m going to let these babies go until first frost, fingers crossed!

Holy Chili Peppers Batman!

My family’s garden went nuts on peppers this year! I received a five gallon bucket of green chilies just for me…

So I took these,


And put them on this,


To end up with these,


So I could ultimately make the hubs some Green Chili for his saucy needs,


No to mention some 2 oz portions of puréed chili peppers for winter soups,


Gotta love my vacuum sealer.

This chili pepper business literally took 8 hours on a Sunday. I’m so over peppers until next year!!! It put a serious crimp on my knitting time 😦