Multitasking Working Mom

No finished object this Friday. Just a mom battling a cold and trying to feed her family. I’m over germs and I’m ready for spring air and open windows. Today is brought to you by Hamburger helper and knitting while I “cook”. After a full day at work, blowing my nose 1,100 times this was the best I could muster. And Jellybean declared it “THE BEST DINNER EVER” because it takes like macaroni and cheese.

P.S. This is my mini solutions scarf. I’ll try to do a better blog post next week if I can manage. I’m on the fifth color and you guys really need to see this. It’s amazeballs!!

Happy Knitting!!

Pot Roast Heaven

Ooooooo myyyyyy gooooooood. Dinner was magical! Never under estimate the power of grain fed well staight from the farm beef. The roast literally fell apart when I took it out of the crock pot. It was fork tender but retained a nice texture without being mushy.


The flavor brought me back to my childhood and the amazing dinners my mother used to make us. I grew up in rural America where beef quality is king. The mix of the spice of the ranch and Italian seasonings with the earthy flavors of the gravy and beef was heavenly. I have always loved this recipe but store bought beef can’t hold a candle to what I made today!


The onions came out buttery and soft, but under seasoned. I could take them or leave them really. The potatoes cooked nicely and were delicious with a little of the beef drippings drizzled over them.


All in all……so much deliciousness. And the compartmentalism worked like a charm and it was nice to keep the flavors separate that is until I wanted to combine them. DEFINITELY doing this again!

Happy Eating!!

Sunday Is For Beef

Today has been a very lazy day. The husband and I did a little shopping, a little cleaning, and a little (lot) football watching.

But the best part was cooking up some of the home grown Kansas grain fed beef that we picked up from the processor this past Friday! We selected a nice marbled price of sirloin steak….


(Feel free to drool! It turned out a perfect medium to medium rare!!)

We paired our meat selection with some home grown frozen sweet corn, crescent rolls with homemade jam, steamed rice, and black beans.


I selected a nice white table wine in lemon-lime flavor from my friends at Prairie Fire Winery. It tasted like a really delicate margarita! Bob and Julie are two of the most talented people I had the pleasure of meeting during my MBA program. Feel free to check out their winery and tell them I sent you!


Yours truly (seated in the green tee) helped plant almost 600 vines earlier this spring. It was awesome, however my back hurt for a week!!

In honor if Sunday Night Football I have some Beer n Cheese Bread in the machine. Stay tuned tomorrow to find out how it turns out! I am also on my 7th scarf for the weekend. They are great tv knitting but I’m ready for something else, lol.

Happy Knitting!!