FO Friday: Jay Jay Shawl

I have another lighting quick finish. I think garter stitch one/two skein projects are just my jam right now. Here is the Jay Jay shawl in all her glory!

Pattern: Jay Jay by Francesca Caricato

Yarn: Cascade Yarns Sunseeker in Silver

Needle: US 6

Mods: To maximize yarn in the last section I omitted two garter ridges and added one extra eyelet row. This made it so that I had just a few yards of  yarn left.

This pattern was intuitive and addictive. It made great car knitting too! The yarn I wasn’t so in love with. It’s a DK weight yarn made of cotton, acrylic and metallic thread. It’s very pretty but not very soft or warm. I bought this back in 2013 in a yarn shop because it was pretty and I didn’t know any better at that level of my knitting. This yarn was knit and frogged out of two other shawls before it became Jay Jay. In the end I’m happy with it and very happy it’s out of my stash.

I think this will be a gift for my mother in law. She will appreciate the beauty and in her “season of life” like the fact that it’s not overly warm. Well and with cotton and acrylic I know she won’t felt or shrink it, lol.

Happy Knitting!!

WIP Wednesday: Reyna

It’s confession time….I’m ADDICTED to this project. My Reyna is now over halfway done!

I literally wake up in the middle of the night and seriously consider knitting on this project. I’ve been knitting during meetings, over my lunch, every spare minute I’m not in charge of Jellybean. The pattern is just so intuitive and the fact that the pattern has neat little boxes to tick off your row progress is heaven. I just can’t wait to cross off more squares! I haven’t knit a stitch on anything else since I cast this on.

And *knock on wood* I haven’t made any serious mistakes that I couldn’t fix. All my eyelets are lining up and my center spine is straight! I’m hoping that maybe, just maybe I can finish this by Friday…..we’ll see!

Happy Knitting!!

FO: Rachelle’s Cowl


Another new pattern! I was so inspired by Mere’s Cowl that I wanted one of my own. This design is of similar construction as Mere’s but with a little different twist.

I started with a simple knit stockinette section and then incorporated the same eyelet section as Mere’s. This was a SUPER fast knit, especially with the stockinette sections. The stockinette section does make the edges roll, but I kinda don’t mind that style? I like that it kinds of rolls up on itself it makes it super comfy and warm and cozy. The knit band and lace section is repeated four times to create 48 inch long by 8 inch wide finished object.


I wore this to work last week and I got LOTS of attention and compliments. The only downside is that due to the rolling property it does need a light blocking after a few wears, just to keep the shape. I really love it though. I have launched it as a free pattern on Rav, find the link here!

And for you non-Ravelers, the pattern is also listed below:

Rachelle’s Cowl


– Lion Brand Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton – 2 skeins Mustard (approx 3.00 oz or 103 yds each)

– US size 8 circular needle (16”)

– Stitch marker

– Tapestry needle


CO 150 sts using loop cast on method, careful not to twist. Place marker

1: Join in the round, place marker and knit one round.

2-4: Knit

5: *YO, K2tog, repeat from * to end

6: Knit

7: *K2tog, YO, repeat from * to end

8: Knit

9: *YO, K2tog, repeat from * to end

10: Knit

11: *K2tog, YO, repeat from * to end

12-14: Knit

15: *YO, K2tog, repeat from * to end

16: Knit

19: *K2tog, YO, repeat from * to end

20: Knit

21: *YO, K2tog, repeat from * to end

22: Knit

23: *K2tog, YO, repeat from * to end

24-26: Knit

27: *YO, K2tog, repeat from * to end

28: Knit

29: *K2tog, YO, repeat from * to end

30: Knit

31: *YO, K2tog, repeat from * to end

32: Knit

33: *K2tog, YO, repeat from * to end

34-36: Knit

37: *YO, K2tog, repeat from * to end

38: Knit

39: *K2tog, YO, repeat from * to end

40: Knit

41: *YO, K2tog, repeat from * to end

42: Knit

43: *K2tog, YO, repeat from * to end

44: Knit

45-47: Knit

Cast off LOOSELY in purl.

Weave in ends.

Resulting cowl is 48” long approximately 8” wide.

Knit and enjoy!




* Pattern numbering amended 3/9/13