Knitting Instead of Sleeping

Today is the final episode in my Easter knitting saga. After knitting in the car and then knitting on the deck I managed to squeeze a few more minutes here and there in between hunting eggs and I wanted to show you my final weekend progress. I am working the heel turn! Though this progress might have been at the expense of some sleep on my part. I definitely didn’t stay up past my bedtime trying to squeeze in a few more stitches.


Everyone who spied my sock over the weekend remarked “my that’s bright” and I responded “yes, I know and I love it!”. At this point I have worked through the all the colors in the colors in the progression and have started over. Now I just need to zoom up the leg and viola! I’ll have a sock!

Happy Knitting!!


FO Friday: Fantastico Vanilla Socks

Another project for the 12 Months to Christmas KAL with BostonJen of the Down Cellar Studio Podcast is in the books! My Fantastico Vanilla socks are done…

 Pattern: Toe Up Vanilla sock over 68 stitches

Yarn: Regia 6-ply Fantastico

Needles: US 2s

I worked these toe-up with a gusset heal. I got feedback from my husband that this heel fits better across a wide foot. And my dad has is size 13 US wide. I managed to sneakily get my Dad to try these on pretending they were for my hubby. The fit was great and he remarked how soft he thought they were. I’ve given these a good wash and block and tucked away for Christmas. I meant to get my husband to model these for me but once out of sight…out of mind!

These turned out fairly tall and I only used 80% of the skein. Regia is a great yarn to work with and the 10 year guarantee doesn’t hurt. I see a lot more Regia 6-ply socks in my future for the sock worthy men in my life!

Happy Knitting!