Happy 4th of July!

No knitting content today, sorry guys. Between the American holiday today where I will consume way to many s’mores and watch a lot of fireworks to celebrate those that gave so much so that I and my family could have democratic freedom and the fact that my dad and I have been demolishing and relaying the kitchen/office floor for two days straight…I’m tapped out.

I need like a whole tube of bio-freeze, a nap and a beer in that order. Happy 4th of July!

white and red flag

Photo by Aaron Schwartz on Pexels.com

Last of the Holiday

I’m putting away Christmas in my house today and I just couldn’t resist one last holiday shot. My every thoughtful mother found this ornament for me! It’s so gorgeous I’m considering hanging it up all year round 🙂


Happy Saturday to all! I’m off the gym to remove the holidays from my waistline!

P.S. anyone want to help me get my shoes and socks on tomorrow as I’m sure the residual soreness shall prevent me from completing the task myself?

Holiday Hangover

This pretty much how I feel….



I’m all Christmas’d out. Don’t get me wrong I loved every minute of it. But I’m exhausted!!! I spent five wonderful days with my husband and fur babies at my parents. It was a delightful break from the “real world” but boy did we work hard.

In five days we completed the following:

  • Butchered out 1 1/2 deer
  • Made 10 lbs of deer jerky
  • Defrosted and scrubbed all five of Grandma’s refrigerators and deep freezers (and threw 3 trash bins of crap away)
  • Baked 20 loaves of rye bread
  • Cooked three family dinners
  • And celebrated two Christmases

I got almost no knitting done, which was NOT the plan with five days off of work. I did manage to read a few chapters in the Yarn Whisperer. I took my Abalone and Sophisticate with me in hopes of finishing both. Yeah right…

We got just the slightest hint of snow so I took advantage and had some lovely walks with the fur babies. It was a nice way to take a break from the full house of shenanigans and to walk off all the holiday goodies! The dogs also LOVED the snow! Just FYI, I came home with three abominable snow creatures, lol.



Now I take you back to your regularly scheduled knitting!

My Favorite Holiday Treat

Now that we are past Thanksgiving I feel the need to dive head first into the holidays!

One of my favorite holiday rituals is an adult hot cocoa….

Step one mix up your favorite hot chocolate:


Step two, add two shots of peppermint schnapps:


Step three, mix and enjoy!!


To me, this tastes like a liquid Thin Mint cookie….mmmmmm!

What’s your go to holiday beverage?

Christmas Craft Fair Madness!

Time for a holiday sneak peak of my Christmas wares!!

We had up cycled jean purses and bags…


We had holiday themed aprons…



We had frilly knit scarves…


We had bobble knit headbands…


A few beanie style hats…


Reversible knit cotton dish cloths…


Even reusable swiffer dusting cloths (100% fleece)…


And finally a little hand stitched Christmas cheer!


All in all a great fair and completely exhausting! I even got to spend the day with my momma!!


I think we both have earned a glass (or two) of moscato!


Happy Holidays!!!