Blanket Mojo

I’ve conquered another color on my mighty rainbow blanket!

This new green color is called Macaw and it’s just so rich and bright! I usually hate blankets but I’m finding this one very meditative. When I finish this stripe I will be halfway done. I also keep looking in my project bag and peaking at the upcoming colors in delight. Still to come are rich blues and vibrant purples, be still my heart!

Happy Knitting!!

WIP Wednesday: Mighty Rainbow Blanket

I’ve finished the second stripe on my Mighty Rainbow Blanket!


I was like four or five rows short of finishing this orange color and it took me all of my tonsillectomy recovery time to get those rows done. The Hiya Hiya wooden needles are MUCH better than the plastic interchangeables I started with. I feel like I will be able to work much faster now that I don’t have to be so careful. 

Next up….yellow!!

Garter Garter Garter

I’ve completed one tenth of my Mighty Rainbow Blanket! In other words I have used up the first color/skein of yarn.

This yarn is just so soft and yummy. And the garter is just so soothing and perfect fall TV knitting. I’m done with red and started the orange. The pattern called for 30 rows per color but I was able to get 35 rows in red. I’ll see if I can get than any in orange!

Happy Knitting!!