FO Friday: Sprout Cardigan

Ladies and gentlemen….we have a winner! 20140720-072515-26715709.jpg 20140720-072514-26714640.jpgI had to add almost 5 inches of garter stitch to the bottom of this sweater. But you know what? It looks pretty darn good! This is now a very comfy and gorgeous sweater.

Pattern: Sprout Cardigan

Yarn: Berroco Comfort Chunky in Pumpkin

Size: Medium (I should have made the large)

Needles: US 9

Even with all my struggles with this sweater, I still love it. This is definitely a keeper in my wardrobe. Not to mention on of the few sweaters that fit around the growing baby bump. I think all of my initial problems would have been solved by simply making the large sweater. The large version better fits my torso length even those my bust measurement matches up with the medium. Please don’t let my struggles deter anyone from this pattern. It is a pretty nifty garment!!

Happy Friday and Happy Knitting!

Sprout…..Take Three

Some of you may remember my Sprout cardigan frustration and attempted fix. I cast on an astronomical number of stitches around the edge of my cardigan and worked several rounds. I won’t say how many Netflix shows this took. But alas it wasn’t to be, the whole thing looked awful. Too many stitches around the collar and lapels and not enough length added at the bottom…


So what you see above is take three! I frogged my last attempt and picked up solely along the bottom. I’m now working back and forth in garter to add length. Because this project is a mix of garter and stockinette anyway this should just blend in. Fingers crossed!

I don’t want to give up on this project as I find myself attached to this sweater. I want to wear the darn thing!! I’ll keep you posted 🙂

Happy knitting!

Sprout Repair

Thank you all for your suggestions last week in my Sprout dilemma. I have decided to attempt some additional alterations to make this sweater workable for me.20140706-160618-57978781.jpgMy solution: pick up all the stitches around the outside and knit additional garter stitch border to continue the garter stitch that runs along the lapels. That’s a LOT of freaking stitches. It took three of my cables from my Knit Picks nickel interchangeable set…

It took me 20 plus minutes to work around the circumference. And I’ll add a few stitches at each corner to “smooth” out the edging as I turn the two corners. But I think is going to take an few Netflix episodes to get to a satisfactory “fix” lol.

I’ll keep you posted…happy knitting!


Conundrum in Length

Well….the seaming is done. And for the record I’m not happy…20140629-115105-42665355.jpg


Despite checking gauge at the beginning of the project and following the pattern to the letter….this sweater is FAR too short. It falls just above my natural waist and no where near my hips where I would like. Harumph…

I have two options:

A) Gift this to my sister who has a much shorter torso but the same bust measurement.

B) Add more garter rib around the bottom to extend the length….

Thoughts from the blogosphere?


WIP Wednesday: Sprout Cardigan

The knitting is done on my Sprout Cardigan!


This is the knitted piece all laid out flat. I was a proper knitter and washed/blocked the piece before attempting to seam it. Being that this is acrylic I’m not sure that it helped any, lol. But I really want this piece to turn out. So what could it hurt?

This is what the back of the garment should look like after seaming. 20140629-114829-42509789.jpgProject info:

Pattern: Sprout Cardigan

Yarn: Berroco Comfort Chunky

Size: Medium

Needle: US 9s


WIP Wednesday: Sprout Cardigan


I’ve completed the first section of my Sprout Cardigan! Pardon for the scrunched up look, there are a LOT of bunched up live stitches on that holder.

I’ve started on the second section (same as the first) and just finished my second ball of yarn. This project is garter stitch + bulky yarn + large needles = heaven. Right in both my comfort wheel house for a preggo project 🙂

Here’s hoping I can keep my mojo going and get it done before Jellybean gets here in October!

Happy Knitting!!

WIP Wednesday: Sprout Cardigan


I have had the urge lately to use some of the “special” and/or “new” yarn in my stash. My pull towards projects of late has been more fiber based than pattern based.

Case in point: awhile back I purchased a sweaters worth of Berroco Comfy Chunky in a pumpkin color. It’s a bulky acrylic blend with a VERY soft feel. My pregnancy brain has not lent itself to very complicated patterns so I perused my Rav queue and found this lovery: Sprout Cardigan by Classic Elite Yarns!20140531-215429-78869617.jpg


(photo credit to @Classic Elite Yarns)

I printed the pattern and pulled out the yarn. I opted for a long tail cast on and slipped stitch edges for a smooth look. Not to mention both will help with seaming later.20140531-215437-78877645.jpg

I’m using my US 9 Knit Picks Nickel inter-changeables. This yarn can be a bit “splitty” if you untwist it as it made up of multiple single plies. The sharp points to my needles help quite a bit. I’m working on the first piece and this garter stitch is great for TV knitting and car knitting!

I’m super excited for this sweater this fall. I’m hoping it will be a figure friendly addition to my wardrobe as my bump is HUGE  in October and then as I transition back to my pre-baby body. I just can’t get over how cute this is belted!

Happy Wednesday!