Completely Round The Bend

Okay guys….I have completely gone round the bend. PB had a bad/cranky day at work this week. This mood resulted in her only wanting to sleep while Mommy was holding her. And I had her snoodled her in Sporty Sweater.

After a 40 min nap my arm was numb and I carefully moved her to her swing so I could work two handed. And I looked down and saw my arm…

And honestly my first thought at seeing my arm was…”man, I can really see the garter section and the stockinette section. And oh look, there’s the raglan increases!”. I am picking out stitch definition in my skin pattern…..I might need an intervention….or a nap….

Don’t mind me…I’ll be over here pouring myself another coffee…

Happy knitting!!

Flu Hiatus

Well the family flu finally caught up with me. Halfway through the drive home from my parents….

I have pretty much been sleeping for the last 36 hours. Sorry for the impromptu hiatus. Hope to be back on my feet in the next day or so.

I’ve even been to sick to knit!