WIP Wednesday: Zigzagular Socks

I finally had the guts to start working the chart for the Zigzagular Socks. I did half of the chart back here and did the second half this week.

I could use some working keeping consistent tension when my cables are moving. You can see above that I’m already getting better. I’m still a cable knoobie but it’s very neat to watch them wave back and forth. And being new to this I still need some quiet to work on these to make sure I’m going the right directions. So this project is relegated to after Jellybean goes to bed. Progress on these might be slow…

Happy Knitting!

Establishing The Pattern

I’m slowly working on my Zigzagular Socks. I’m converting these to toe up so I’m having to think through the construction and the pattern to wrap my over tired brain cells around that all.

I’ve knit the stockinette toe for the right sock and places stitch markers for the pattern section. When I get a minute to concentrate I’m going to try to work through a chart repeat to see how this goes.

I made a series of realizations whilst working the toe increases. A) this yarn is more of a light fingering B) the ideal stitch counts for my foot at this guage fall in between the pattern counts C) my sister’s shoe size fits the 64 stitch count and guage perfectly. So basically my knitting subconscious is telling me these need to be for my sister. I don’t have the warewithall to both follow the chart, work my first cables and modify this to fit my foot. Baby steps….I’ll get the pattern in my fingers/brain first and then do another pair for me. Besides it will knock an item off my Christmas to do list!

Happy Knitting!