The Saga of My Rainbow Socks 

My saga started here with a HUGE yarn splurge from Knitcircus. I then had to wait for needles to free up (see yesterday’s post). And now I’ve finally cast on!

I’m working a modified version of Sand dune socks by Trish Halliburton. Modified as in skipping the charted lace portions, working something more vanilla-y, and using 70 stitches. I am using the pattern mostly for the heel turn that will work with the gradient yarn.

This yarn starts with red and flows to purple. I’m in love already! Sad part…I didn’t read the toe increases correctly and the above progress has been frogged. Usually this frustrates me but I want these socks to be great and to savor the yarn. So I don’t mind and once more into the breach I go!

Happy knitting!