Waste Not Want Not

Due to fits of KNIT ALL THE THINGS and a constant cast of cast-itis I’m always in need of project bags and yarn protection. I’m guessing this will become doubly important when Jellybean gets older/mobile/grabby lol!

As I was unpacking and washing baby gifts I had this plastic bag that housed two hooded baby bath towels. It was of a decent grade plastic and closed with easy snaps…


I just couldn’t hurl into the recycle bin with all the other packing material detritus. So when I cast on for Jellybean’s Candy Corn set yesterday I tucked my yarn into it.


It fit two of my three skeins of yarn. It open enough for yarn to feed out and to prevent dog hair and other dirt from grabbing on as I knit! Not to mention it’s clear and I can see the contents without opening. My grandparents always said “waste not want not” and I guess it stuck. This bag is just right for hats, gloves, socks, or other small projects. And it was free, to me at least.

Have you ever used anything quirky for a project bag or yarn holder?

Back From Hibernation

Remember my Spiral Leg Warmers from 2013? Ha, neither did I until I found them hibernating in my craft room. I put them away sometime in August or so. They were Stashbustin’ #34 for last year.


This project was hiding in one of my favorite yarn holders…and I want that yarn holder for a 2014 project. Solution = finish the dang things! I only have 6-7 inches of pattern left to knit. (The second leg is a lot farther along than in this photo) How hard can that be? I hope to have them wrapped up by the weekend so I can have my favorite pink yarn case back!!

And on the plus side I can have some cute leg warmers to wear to the gym so I don’t look like the crazy lady wearing shorts or yoga pants outside in January! Not to mention….wouldn’t these look fab with some black leggings and boots?

Happy Knitting!

Christmas Morning



Before we got to peek at what Santa brought we had tea and monkey bread!

Then SANTA!!!



Santa brought me me lined yarn bags with grommet holes! Lined with knitting sheep fabric and nice wide zipper openings. The photos above are the small cake/skein bag. The photos below are the large skein bag!



How did Santa know!? Lol, looks like I have some knitting to do!

Merry Christmas to all! Stay tuned for more Swedish Christmas traditions 🙂

Happy Knitting!