Knitting for Babies

I received exciting news this weekend, there is a new baby cousin on its way in my family!! Aside from my mothers chagrin that she is grandchildren-less, we are all very excited.

This brings my baby gift total to seven before June…..five before April! After Christmas knitting I need to get down and dirty on baby knitting. I plan a nice assortment of receiving blankets, infant sweaters, and maybe a few cute vests. Started the first blanket….One Row Blanket de la Harlot from skullsnbats.


(I’m using Caron Simply soft for the durability, softness, affordability, and wash ability in case anyone wanted to know)

AND my first seasonal craft fair is this Saturday! As readers of this blog I will be sending out a sneak peak Friday night (fingers crossed and barring disaster) of all my holiday goods! My mother is going to join me and put out some of her goods as well. It will be a nice assortment of hand knits and hand sewn treats.

Stay tuned!

Happy Birthday To Me!

I finally snapped shots of my birthday presents/purchases! (Albeit with my iPhone and in not the best light, but I couldn’t wait to share my treasures!)

First up, some Berroco Vintage Chunky in a lovely hue of blue!


This is ear marked for an Endless Circle Vest by Julie Farmer. Knit for me and only me!

Next I picked up some Berroco Vintage in a different shade blue and a great heather green!


These are probably destined for sets of fingerless gloves and hats for yours truly or my sister who lives in blustery Colorado.

And last but not least, Berroco Vintage DK in a yummy fall orange color!


Not sure what to make with this yarn, I just love the feel of it and the color is amazing. I am a horribly bad stasher!

You might notice that I purchased all Berroco? I knit my first sweater out of the Vintage DK and loved how it worked up, so I want to test out other yarn weights to see if I love them as much!

All in all it was a delightful 3-day birthday weekend with lots of yummy food and yarny goodness! Now back to the real world and my big kid job!

Happy Knitting!!

Fake Thanksgiving

The hubs and I are invited to a Fake Thanksgiving tomorrow with wonderful friends. I am in charge of bringing pie:


(My first try at pumpkin pie, hopefully it’s ok!)

Oh and wine…


I might also bring a chocolate creme pie since I’m not a fan of pumpkin. Right now though it’s time for some knitting. I currently have a Rikke Hat by Sarah Young.

Happy Pre Thanksgiving!

Pot Roast Heaven

Ooooooo myyyyyy gooooooood. Dinner was magical! Never under estimate the power of grain fed well staight from the farm beef. The roast literally fell apart when I took it out of the crock pot. It was fork tender but retained a nice texture without being mushy.


The flavor brought me back to my childhood and the amazing dinners my mother used to make us. I grew up in rural America where beef quality is king. The mix of the spice of the ranch and Italian seasonings with the earthy flavors of the gravy and beef was heavenly. I have always loved this recipe but store bought beef can’t hold a candle to what I made today!


The onions came out buttery and soft, but under seasoned. I could take them or leave them really. The potatoes cooked nicely and were delicious with a little of the beef drippings drizzled over them.


All in all……so much deliciousness. And the compartmentalism worked like a charm and it was nice to keep the flavors separate that is until I wanted to combine them. DEFINITELY doing this again!

Happy Eating!!

WIP Wednesday: Pot Roast Experiment

I have WIP of the food variety today. Years ago a coworker passed on a delicious pot roast recipe that is my absolute favorite. It’s so simple and it’s easy….it’s ridiculous!


These are the ingredients to pot roast heaven:
One cut of beef roast (any kind works)
One packet ranch mix
One packet Italian seasoning
One packet brown gravy mix
1/4 cup water or beef stock

This is a Pinterest recipe I see a lot recently but I have been using it forever. I used to add veggies but due to the gravy and seasonings they turn very dark in color. They were always cooked perfectly and tasted amazing, it’s just that they didn’t look the best. So I decided to experiment today!


I placed my bone-in roast in the bottom of the pot and sprinkled with seasonings and water just like normal. Then I laid down a layer of tinfoil and added tinfoil wrapped (home grown) baking potatoes and a couple of onions slathered with butter also wrapped up tight in foil.


I should end up with a moist fork tender roast on the bottom with an amazing drippings for sauce AND perfectly baked potatoes with crazy buttered onions on top. That is if my crock pot can handle the load, ha! Some assembly required for dinner of course.

Ill try to post the outcome later tonight! (The best part of this experiment is that my husband has to sit at home and smell it all day long while I’m at work, lol)

Happy WIP Wednesday!!

Up cycled Sweaters: To Be or Not To Be

Sometime last year I caught the bug of sweater recycling. I am not sure if I saw it in a blog or Pinterest but I thought it sounded really fun. You take thrift store sweater and frog the whole thing just for the yarn. So off I went to my local thrift store and less than $10 later I had a pile of sweaters! All you need is small sharp scissors and time on your hands. Some call it up cycling, recycling, or reclaiming a sweater.

Some times they turn out great! Here is a lovely wool blanket I made after up cycling a black wool sweater made if extra fine merino bulky wool. Ravelry link for project details.


Sometimes the process doesn’t work so hot. Here is a orange cotton sweater from J Crew. The yarn came completely unplied as I frogged it. The seams were so tiny that I ended up snipping bits of the knitting creating lots of short strings instead if one long string.


The yarn was a complete loss. But I prefer to look at the bright side. Deconstructing a sweater has taught me a lot about how sweaters are put together and how patterns work. Even though the yarn can’t be saved there is satisfaction in learning. You can tell a lot about quality by how a sweater is made. I have found that a pretty appearance does not always mean quality. And perhaps a bit of the glee is just due to the destruction itself, hehehehe.


It’s a very messy process that takes anywhere from minutes to hours. Sometimes you get a pile of crap but sometimes you get wonderful skeins of cheap quality yarn. I love love my soft wool blanket. And you get to learn something while causing absolute destruction!! The key is to pick a quality made garment made of natural fibers and without too many surged seams.

I have a couple more sweaters in my stash to tear apart. I hope to find some good yarn so I can show you what happens after the destruction!!

Happy Knitting!

Lessons In Patience

It doesn’t matter how long you have been knitting or how great or lousy you are at it, knitting will always remind you to be patient. I was watching Castle on DVD and not paying enough attention to my work.

I had some wonderful Berroco Vintage DK leftover from my sweater so I decided to knit a quick hat and I chose the Lacy Cap by Carissa Knits.

Everything was going along swimmingly and I was all the way to the crown decreases when I realized I had been reading the pattern incorrectly! Sigh…..



See the obvious line in the middle and WAAAY to many decrease rows because I wasn’t doing it right. So a frogging I went! Here are the results:


I lost several hours of work but I didn’t have to go all the way back to the beginning at least. I was mad at myself for awhile, but then I realized it was just another lesson in patience. I could choose to be mad or choose to make a beautiful hat.

I choose the hat!

Happy Knitting!!!