FO Friday: Big Comfy Chunky Hat

Tah dah!! I have a finished super speedy bulky knit hat. I completed my Big Comfy Chunky Hat in own hand dyed Feast yarn by Nomad Yarns.

Pattern: Big Comfy Chunky Hat by Erica Kempf Broughton

Yarn: Feast by Nomad Yarn in the color Spice Box

Needles: US 11s

Mods: I added some extra rows to the crown decreases to use up the whole skein.

This hat turns out to be reversible because it is essentially all ribbed stitch. Which I think is kind of a sweet design feature. I very carefully wove in the ends so I could fully turn this both ways.

This hat really worked up quickly as promised. I think I finished in two sittings over two days. So maybe roughly 3 hours? I had some tension issues with the crown as I chose to magic loop it instead of getting off my rear to find double pointed needles. But in the finished hat it does not show.

It is a little small for my noggin (which is larger than most) but Jellybean has proclaimed it to be perfect for his head. So this will be one of the hats for our winter hat box by the front door. I need to sew a name tag into it before it leaves the house…you just in case the six year old set it down somewhere, lol.

Happy Knitting and Happy Halloween Eve!!

Zoom Went The Hat

This is one sitting’s worth of knitting on my Big Comfy Chunky Hat. I managed to find US11 needles and a decent length enough cord to knit this hat in the round. So I took off and got to knitting last night.

I blasted through the brim ribbing and I’m into the main hat body ribbing. It is really nice intuitive knit that is great for TV watching. I’m also loving how the colors are stacking up with this hand dyed yarn at this gauge. It is very fall appropriate.

I really think that if I buckle down that I can finish this hat in one more sitting. The hubby is in charge of bedtime tonight so I’m hoping to get some dedicated time tonight. But 2020 seems to laugh at my plans this year. Though this is a fairly short term goal so I’m hoping I can squeeze through, lol.

Happy Knitting!!

A Quick Hat

I’m already digging into my retreat yarn I recently procured. Kansas saw its first snowfall of the year just yesterday. It was more or less “snowy” depending on how far west you were but flakes fell nonetheless. It really got me thinking about hat and glove weater.

I pulled the skein of Feast yarn from Nomad Yarns. The best analog I can give is this feels and has roughly the same put up as Malabrigo Rasta. This colorway is called Spice Box and is autumn in its full glory.

I plan to cast this on and finish this week at least I hope too, fingers crossed. I chose a pattern from the same designer that dyed the yarn. It is the Big Chunky Comfy Hat by Erica Kempf Broughton. I was promised this was a three to four hour project at most. It’s a free pattern on Ravelry with good reviews and over 2,200 projects completed.

Stay tuned for a finished hat! Happy Knitting!!

My Birthday Yarn Haul

Months ago my mom and aunt went with me to a LYS closing. And my mom let me pick out some yarn as a present. (At 40% off it was quite a steal!) I just had to wait until November to get my lovelies…

I picked up 5 skeins of Berroco Vintage DK in a lovely blue color. And I also picked out 6 skeins of Berroco Vintage Chunky in a dark grey color. I was thinking easy maintenance sweaters to catch all the slobber/boogers/milk and whatnot of motherhood, plus you know the affordability factor.

Unbeknownst to me she also picked out some yarn clips for large projects and sweet little bag. It was so lovely to get yarny goodness for my birthday and to know my mom picked out something special for me.

I think the grey chunky yarn needs to become a sweater for me and get on the needles ASAP!!

Happy Knitting!!

Never Enough Blankets

I had four skeins of Premier Serenity Chunky Heathers in Aqua Glass just hanging out in my stash. I fell in love with color and just had to have it.


I have been in a sweater fixation lately. But I find that I need a mindless project to have on the side for when I need a break or timeout. So I introduce to you, Stashbustin’ #34 or One Row Blanket De La Harlot!


I have made this pattern three times before and it’s awesome-sauce for easy knitting. It’s a four stitch repeat across the row. And then the same row over and over again. Not to mention its a bulky weight blanket so it goes crazy fast!!

Based on the yarn I have this will undoubtedly come out to a lap blanket or receiving blanket size. I don’t have a recipient in mind yet. Just knitting for the fun of it!

FO: Shalom Cardigan

Here she is! Stashbustin’ #18 aka Shalom Caridgan finished and thanks to the husband photographed!!


This is an awesome pattern! Just as an aside this is only written for a small/medium size or 32″ bust. My chest is a bit bigger than that so I followed the author’s suggestions and tweaked the pattern for my needs.

  1. I used a 10 1/2 US or 6.5 mm needle.
  2. I used a 7 stitch garter border by simply adding two stitches to beginning and end of each row. This added just enough to make the sweater close comfortably across the top my 37 1/2 inch bust.
  3. I worked a three stitch button opening to accommodate my larger button.
  4. I worked an extra decrease section (row 83 followed by rows 48 & 49 alternating for 7 rows) at the bottom after row 105
  5. I knit 7 rows garter bottom border in order to match the length of the collar instead of the 9 rows in the pattern.

I did dork up the garter border a bit. See my 911 post here and my fix here. But all in all I’m very happy. This will look great over a tank (as pictured) or thrown over a long sleeve tee in the fall/winter. Not sure I would re-knit this particular pattern but it’s a great addition to my wardrobe.



Sweater 911

I was sooo happy to finish my Shalom Cardigan (Stashbustin #18) that I snapped a few quick photos with my iPhone….

photo (5)


photo (6)


I was so happy and excited! It fit great and I had the perfect button for it….and then I found them! Did anyone notice the two glaring mistakes in my sweater above? Here is one of them….



I totally messed up the sweater edge/ribbing. I know exactly what I did, I was on a purl row and purled row all the way across…sigh. This happened in two obvious places. I didn’t even notice until I was ALL the way done and bound off and washed/blocked.

After much brainstorming (drinking a little wine) and consulting of the online tutorials and blogs, I have settled on a solution. I have lots of yarn left over. So I am going to cut a small length and with a tapestry needle sew over the stockinette stitch to create an artificial garter ridge. So that is my mission today is to fix these oops.

Wish me luck! I hope to have a success story to share with you later….fingers crossed!!

A Little Cuteness For Your Friday

I don’t have a FO this Friday because I got all the way done with my Shalom Sweater and found two glaring errors I need to fix. That is for another post…..

So I’m hoping to distract you with a little cuteness….

Here are some action shots of my Snug





Many thanks to Baby B for being a good sport about taking pictures in a sweater in June, lol!!

I’m off to work and then to work out how to fix my sweater problem, TGIF.

Happy Knitting!!



WIP Wednesday: Shalom Cardigan


Stashbustin’ #18 update!



Here is a shot from the front…


And the back….

I’m almost done with my Shalom Cardigan! This was an extremely quick knit (once I started knitting monogamously on it). I’m at the end of the pattern (sans garter border) as it’s written. It’s still a bit short on me and I have yarn enough to keep going. So I think I am going to add at least one more increase pattern repeat if not two to get the length past my hips. Then it’s just the garter border, a good wash, block, and dry then viola! I’m done!  This might even make FO Friday….fingers crossed!

What’s on your WIP list this week? Anything exciting?

Happy Knitting!


Stashbustin’ #18: Shalom Cardigan

When I was organizing my craft space vi found five hanks of some Berroco Vintage Chunky in purple. I made my last two sweaters, Mud Season #1 and Mud Season #2, from this yarn. I love this yarn! It’s wool blend that’s soft but yet easy care. It knits up beautifully and who doesn’t love chunky projects?

I have settled on my next stash buster: Shalom Cardigan by Meghan McFarlane!

(Photo from Meghan’s Ravelry page)

I’m terribly excited! And thanks to the tips on the pattern page I’m going to alter this a bit to fit my bust size by simply making the garter border a few stitches bigger. I’ve also been a good girl and swatches for gauge.


I had to go down to 10 1/2 US needles to get gauge on my unblocked swatch. I’m probably not going to wash or block this swatch as I didn’t get any difference in my last two Vintage Chunky swatches. And I’m out of Soak and need a trip to a yarn store, lol.

It’s a three day weekend for me thanks to Memorial Day. I’m hoping to give this sweater some attention this weekend. But I have several other WIPs and a test knit for a new pattern by a fellow blogger. I’m also excited about this test knit, it’s completely adorable!!! And the hubs and I have several projects in our new house. Not to mention I might need to make a trip to the yarn store…hehehe. I’m sure I can get it all done right?

Happy Knitting!!