FO Friday: Snug #2

My second attempt at Snug is done!! This pattern is by Hinke.


This is not my first swing at this pattern and it won’t be the last! I used 212 grams or 288.3 yards of Knit Picks Brava Bulkly in Peapod. That’s just about 2 skeins plush a little of a third skein. The body is worked flat. The sleeves are done on DPNs. And the hood is knit flat and closed withe Kitchener stitch.


I was not has happy with this sweater as I was with my first sweater. The shoulders are ugly to me. For whatever reason, I didn’t get the arm decreases placed very well. They are visible along the top. And the the sewing I did on the seams on the shoulders is not as clean as I would like. But I am assured by my husband that he can’t see it. Oh…#knitter problems




The part of this sweater that I really love is the buttons. I spotted them at JoAnns and I was in love!! The watermelons really save this project for me. I deviated from the pattern a bit and added four buttons instead of the pattern request of three.



Into the FO stash this one goes. I love having some cuteness hidden away for a rainy day! Happy Friday to all!!!

Cast-on-itis Day #3

Cast-on-itis Day #3

Awhile back, I fell off the destashing wagon and picked up some Knit Picks Brava Bulky. I seriously love this stuff for baby knits. It’s really soft for acrylic and it knits up crazy fast. Not to mention is washable and easy care.

For my Stashbustin’ #29 project, I’m making another Snug!



(my first go round with this pattern)

Snug is a great pattern, The construction is ingenious and the bulky yarn knits so fast! The hoodie portion is beyond adorable. Not to mention the finished garment has great stretch that really adds to the longevity of the garment. Which is important when babies grow so fast!


This colorway in Peapod and my Grandma’s kitchen table just doesn’t do this yarn justice. It’s so lovely and vibrant. Maybe this is a last ditch effort to hang on to the green of summer. Fall is just around the corner and I’m both sad and excited. So many things to knit!!

And the last sentence really highlights my current state of too many WIPs…I should get back to knitting!

Happy Wednesday!!

A Little Cuteness For Your Friday

I don’t have a FO this Friday because I got all the way done with my Shalom Sweater and found two glaring errors I need to fix. That is for another post…..

So I’m hoping to distract you with a little cuteness….

Here are some action shots of my Snug





Many thanks to Baby B for being a good sport about taking pictures in a sweater in June, lol!!

I’m off to work and then to work out how to fix my sweater problem, TGIF.

Happy Knitting!!



FO Friday: Snug

Tah Dah!


Stashbustin’ #16 finally has buttons!

I was walking through Joann’s this week and these puppy buttons caught my eye. They are super cute and matched my chocolate yarn. And it made me think of that commercial on TV where the little girl talks about her puppy brother, lol. So of course I had to buy them.


I was hoping to snag some pics of this on a real baby this week but my friend’s sweet Baby B has an ear infection. So we snuggled instead of having a photo session.

I’m off to work and to get ready for my parents to visit this weekend! TGIF!!

WIP Wednesday: Snug

Stashbustin’ #16 is almost complete!

I bound off the last edge last night as I was catching up on my DVR. I had to pull in a lamp this dark yarn really started to play with my eyes as I was trying to pick up and finish the crochet edge, lol. However, I love love love using the leftovers of my Berroco Vintage Chunky from my Mud Season. I haven’t found a yarn that Berroco makes that I haven’t liked yet. And it didn’t hurt that this project was chunky yarn on my big needles, lol.


I didn’t exactly follow the directions to a tee….not that they weren’t very well written! Hinke did a great job of spelling things out and including lots of links to tutorials. I just kinda took her directions as suggestions, lol. I used a knitted on cast on instead of the crochet on waste yarn. I also cast off in pattern instead of a sewn method. I also accounted for three buttons instead of two. And finally I crocheted all the way from the left bottom corner, around the hood, and down to the right bottom corner.





I still need to find the right buttons for this project. But I’m not in a rush. I think this little sweater is going to stay with me. It’s the partner to my Mud Season and hopefully I can bundle up a little one in this when the hubs and I decide to have kids.  And then mommy and baby can match. That means the buttons have to be special. Next up for this sweater is a good bath and blocking!!

Happy Knitting!!!