Knit While They Sleep

Easter time usually means travel time for us. We packed up the human babies and the fur babies and headed for the grandparents. My dad was making prime rib so I was highly motivated!

It was almost perfect kismet that that PB fell asleep and Jellybean was content his movie and I got to knit! I pulled out my Gonna Need Sunglasses Vanilla socks and started going merrily round and round.

You have to knit while they sleep!!

Socks In The Wild

I spent some time stomping around my hometown with Jellybean visiting Papa and Grandma last weekend. It was a crisp 40 degrees Fahrenheit but that didn’t stop Jellybean from convincing Papa to play at the park. I played chauffeur.

I wisely chose to sit in the mini van with podcasts (and heat) while Papa chased Jellybean. I had my Vacation Vanilla Socks tucked into my backpack and when I examined them I realized I was ready to start the heel! I improvised some fancy stitch markers from scraps of yarn scavenged from the bottom of my knitting bag and off I went with a standard toe up gusset heel.

This is the second sock and i’m secretly hoping to finish them before PB’s arrival. We shall see…

Happy Knitting