Almost There

By the grace of a three hour car trip with the hubby driving and a minivan with a DVD player….I have a finished hat! (It really did take me all of 2.5 hours to do crown decreases because the tiny humans kept demanding snacks, toys and other nonsense.) This is my Modified Barley I started for conference knitting last week. I took the tiny humans to see the grandparents and to attend my hometown Fall Fest. It worked out well for my knitting.

This blurry awkward car selfie is the best I have right now. I finished the decreases and it promptly got sorted to the bottom of my knitting bag. I’ll see if I can dig out some better FO photos this week.

I did snag a pretty awesome sunset knitting photo. I was working the last few decrease rounds as we rode off into the sunset. It’s fall harvest in Kansas so the air is full of dust and dirt. Makes it REAL hard on the allergies but the most gorgeous yellow and orange displays of mother nature.

Happy Knitting!!

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

At my last post on Nutmeg, I was working on the sleeves. Seriously….one of these things is not like the other….

Sleeve #1 from my Nutmeg


Sleeve #2 from my Nutmeg


It might be hard to see in the pictures. But in real life….the decreases are NOT the same. Sleeve #1 called for K2tbl or knit 2 though the back of the loop. And I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong or it was supposed to be that way. But the decreases left raised bumps or visible loopy thing. They were raised enough to actually snag!

Now Sleeve #2 called for K2tog or knit two together. This decrease, while still noticeable, did not leave a raised bump or loop. Much prettier to my eye. So I’m going to finish up the second sleeve, put a lifeline in the first sleeve, and then re-knit the first sleeve to use the same decreases.

It’s not huge deal as these knit up pretty quickly. But still…AAARRGGGHHH! I’m becoming one of those knitters that has to have perfection. Life was easier before, lol

Happy Knitting!!