Sprout Repair

Thank you all for your suggestions last week in my Sprout dilemma. I have decided to attempt some additional alterations to make this sweater workable for me.20140706-160618-57978781.jpgMy solution: pick up all the stitches around the outside and knit additional garter stitch border to continue the garter stitch that runs along the lapels. That’s a LOT of freaking stitches. It took three of my cables from my Knit Picks nickel interchangeable set…

It took me 20 plus minutes to work around the circumference. And I’ll add a few stitches at each corner to “smooth” out the edging as I turn the two corners. But I think is going to take an few Netflix episodes to get to a satisfactory “fix” lol.

I’ll keep you posted…happy knitting!


WIP Wednesday: New Vanilla Socks

Here is my new #sockswithsarah KAL project. My sock prowess is in it’s infancy so I’m sticking with self striping yarn and basic toe up vanilla sock. Sorry for the inside out pictures. I just prefer to knit socks this way. 🙂20140629-121944-44384373.jpg



Pattern: Toe Up Sock with Gusset Heal

Yarn: Knit Picks Felici in Acquarium

Needles: US 0s

Size: 68 stitch sock.

I’m on my way to filling up my sock drawer. And hopefully socks are something I can keep knitting after jellybean gets here. At least when he/she gets a little older and my post zombie haze subsides, lol. Now if I can just get more consistent on my laddering problem…

Happy Knitting!

Apples: Take Two!

Behold jars of green apple goodness…20140706-153312-55992321.jpgI’ve been cleaning out the deep freeze to both use up old supplies and make room for frozen casseroles for my post-baby haze. I found about 10 lbs of peeled, cored, and frozen green apples from my tree last summer. I cooked half of them down into apple juice and made apple jelly (front jars). The other half I put into jars and added this pie filling recipe (rear jars). 

I’ve tried the jelly and it’s a very light delicate jelly. I think the flavor would have been enhanced by leaving the skin on the apples but alas I did not have that foresight last summer. I shall remedy that this summer with the new crop. The pie filling remains to be tested. I have some summer BBQs on my schedule so now I can take fresh pie!

What is your favorite summer treat?


Stash Enhancement

My OCD/planning has kicked into high gear while pregnant. I have a plan for the nursery, budget for daycare and diapers, and a tentative holiday schedule to get Jellybean to all the relatives. Our finances will definitely change post baby with fewer dollars for creative activities like knitting and video games. So the hubby and I sat down and for our anniversary we splurged on each other before the baby gets here.

I got a little stash enhancement courtesy of the Knit Picks Summer Sale….20140706-153210-55930526.jpg


I picked up:

– Felici self striping – Lighthouse colorway

– Stroll Fingering – Blue Topaz

– Stroll Tonal – Canopy

– Brava Worsted – Caution yellow

– Stroll Hand-painted – County Fair

– Brava Sport – Eggplant

– Stroll Hand-painted – Lullaby colorway

– Heather Stroll – Merlot

Just enough for a couple of sweaters and several pairs of socks to stock up my drawer. I’m guessing what little knitting time I get after Jellybean gets here that socks will be my best “pick up/put down” project. 

Pardon me I need to pet these lovelies before they got into my stash drawers 🙂

Happy Monday!!

FO Friday: Toe Up Vanilla Socks

Happy 4th of July!!!

I’m taking a break from the fireworks and interminable Kansas heat to show off my latest FO. Last we spoke I had just completed the gusset for the heel. And lo and behold they are now finished!





Pattern: A 74 stitch toe up vanilla sock with a slip stitch heel

Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Soulmate in the Hawaii colorway.

Needles: US 0s dpns

These socks consumed 344.3 yards or 81 grams of yarn. They have some imperfections to those with a discerning eye. But I’m proud as I managed to churn them out in less than a month and they fit. I’ll take the lessons learned from this project and take them on to my next pair.

Don’t forget to check out the Socks With Sarah KAL page on Ravelry!

Conundrum in Length

Well….the seaming is done. And for the record I’m not happy…20140629-115105-42665355.jpg


Despite checking gauge at the beginning of the project and following the pattern to the letter….this sweater is FAR too short. It falls just above my natural waist and no where near my hips where I would like. Harumph…

I have two options:

A) Gift this to my sister who has a much shorter torso but the same bust measurement.

B) Add more garter rib around the bottom to extend the length….

Thoughts from the blogosphere?


WIP Wednesday: Sprout Cardigan

The knitting is done on my Sprout Cardigan!


This is the knitted piece all laid out flat. I was a proper knitter and washed/blocked the piece before attempting to seam it. Being that this is acrylic I’m not sure that it helped any, lol. But I really want this piece to turn out. So what could it hurt?

This is what the back of the garment should look like after seaming. 20140629-114829-42509789.jpgProject info:

Pattern: Sprout Cardigan

Yarn: Berroco Comfort Chunky

Size: Medium

Needle: US 9s


Baby Blanket Update

Jellybean’s blanket is slowly making progress. At the last update I’d almost completed two rows. My recent sock addiction has bitten into the time I’ve spent on this project. According to my pregnancy app I’ve only got 100 days or so to get this wrapped up. I’m onto the third row as we speak.

I can sit and make 1 and 1/2 hexagons an evening. So I really just to buckle down and finish this so Jellybean has something to curl up in, lol. I think six rows should make an adequate baby blanket. That makes me just under halfway…I hope….