Swatch For Antrose

Time out….time for a yarn substitution! I had swatched my original yarn choice, Knit Picks Brava Worsted in grey for my Antrose sweater. And I didn’t like it….like at all. So I pulled some Lion Brand Heartland (aran weight) in a light tan/brown and swatched to see if I could get gauge. I even washed and blocked them like a proper knitter. Here they are dry and ready to go!



I was shocked that my gauge was actually closer with this aran weight (which is still 10 ply like worsted but still tends to be finer/smaller). I got both gauge going both directions!



And just to be double sure….I knit one repeat of the pattern chart. There are chevrons that run up the middle of the sweater.



Slightly looser gauge than stockinette, but I can mitigate that by keeping my “charted” stitches tighter as I switch back and forth between purls and knits.



The color in my swatch pictures doesn’t really show the “true” color. So I trooped my swatches off to the husband’s bathroom (it has great light) and snapped a photo to give a better idea of the color.



A couple of knitters/followers suggested using a contrast color for the chart/chevron portion. But after swatching…I find I like the simplicity of the monochromatic look. Now if I only could find the time to start the darn thing! My studies have just eaten up all my free time! All I feel like I have time for are small projects like hats and baby sweaters… #firstworldknittingproblems

Happy Knitting!

FO Friday….(err I mean Saturday): Abalone

I did a bit of monogamous knitting the last couple of days. And so I actually have a FO to show you!

photo 4

Well it’s done…but despite my best math and knitting know how it’s not quite right. Don’t get me wrong, the pattern is great! It’s written for small size only with directions/percentages given to help you “upsize” your garment. I should have been more meticulous…

photo 5

Here it is anyway….


I completed this sweater in a little under a month. I used 3 skeins of Knit Picks Brava worsted in Wine knit up on size US 8 needles. I simple adore the color! (In math terms I used 657 yards or 300 grams of yarn)

I did my calculations and cast on 80 stitches and increased up to 149 total for the body section. I then knit 17 inches of stockinette up to the arm holes. Then I separated and knit another 7 1/2 inches of height for arms shoulders.

photo 2

Now looking at the FO, here is what should have happened:

  1. Cast on 90 stitches (ish) and worked up to 159 stitches (ish)
  2. Knit 19 or 20 inches of stockinette before getting to the sleeves
  3. Knit 8 or 8 1/2 inches for the shoulders/arm holes
  4. Paid attention to the written directions and added increase at the corners of the knit border so it would curl.

This was supposed to have been a gift for a very lovely, elegantly tall, and slender friend. This sweater doesn’t have a snowballs chance in you know where of fitting the intended recipient in any flattering manner. So into my closet it will go after some additional aggressive blocking. I would like it to hit past my butt at least.

Instead my friend for her birthday shall get some local Kansas wine from grape vines that I helped to plant. That’s sort of like knitting her a sweater right? Sigh….

P.S. this is one of my last FO from my 2013 Stashbusting efforts! It’s #45 and I hope to have a post with my final year end stats soon!

FAL Project: Almost There!!!

My FAL with Sage Yarn is almost done!!


I finished the knitting portion on Aunt Martha’s Prayer blanket on our trip to Arkansas this past weekend, but didn’t get get it washed until Sunday night. Its amazing what you can accomplish with 8 hours if driving time! It’s currently blocked and drying on my guest bed to open up the eyelets and take some of the curl out.

This project started WAAAY back in May and it feels so good to be done. I used up three large skeins of yarn from my stash! I’m hoping it dries quickly and I can get it photographed for a FO Friday.

Happy Knitting!

Blocking on Mothers Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all!! I can’t be with my mommy today as she is with my sister in another state. So next best thing is to craft in her honor!

It’s blocking day!! Finally gave my last two FOs a good soak and wash.

First up, Stashbustin’ #14, Mud Season!


Next up, Stashbustin’ #13, Stylish Square Blanket!


I love having blocking mats!! And the floor space to use them!!! I am excited to get the DSLR out and take some good photos of them this week.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Blocking Like A Big Girl


I can finally block my finished garments like a big girl!!!! (No more pinning towels to my guest bed) After pricing many many blocking mats….I found the best bang for my buck was at Lowes. For $16 online and one hour pick up these alphabet beauties are mine!!! I figure they can serve a dual purpose when we ever have kiddos.


Should even have a FO to slap on this baby yet this week! Happy Monday to you all!!